Volume One

Volume One


Occulture Volume One: Sixties and Seventies

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out!
In our first issue we take you on a journey back in time to one of our favourite moments in history, the occult revival of the 1960s and 70s.

Witchcraft Records: when the Music Industry fought for Feminist Liberation
Crowley's Influence on the Sixties Counterculture
Satanic Businesswomen: the Parisian Black Masses of Catherine LaVoisin
1970s Snuff Cinema and its Social Aftermath
Cult Photorama: Occult Aesthetics of the Sixties and Seventies
The Occult Revolution from the Age of Aquarius to the rise of the Marginalised

Printed in Full Colour, 64 Pages
Free Original Artwork Mini Print Included with Each Magazine

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